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Silvia Polidori

Poetry: Breath of my Soul!

Born from nature and part of it! Emotions and inspirations my daily oxygen.

Poetry: Breath of my Soul!

The world around me always surprises and fulfils me, confronting me again and again.
I love the new that is always evolving.
I love relating to any living form, from plant to animal to human, all part of the same universe.
This is for me a stimulus for continuous growth.
This is how I find myself.

Confirming the identity that I am, in the various ways of expressing myself, acting, being!

Poetry is my supreme art, the way of describing emotions in words, like the colours of a brush that passionately paints the reality of life.

I love gastronomy, which also translates emotions and stimulates the senses with taste.

I enjoy realising projects of all kinds, building and creating forms of architecture and interior design that are an expression and inspiration of authentic creativity.

Knowing, travelling, silently listening to the breath of my soul and immersing myself in it.

Silvia Polidori

Swimming at dawn and climbing mountains from which I can see the sea.

Silvia Polidori

Doing with art, so that every action corresponds to my essence.

Making any other living being participate in my artistic expression, as a perfection of beauty and harmony that generously expands.

Sharing and rejoicing, in the serenity of the senses.

This is me!

My Books

Le avventure di SUN - Les aventures de SUN - The Adventures of SUN

First Award in the Literary Competition

The Adventures of SUN

Who is SUN?
A mischievous little puppy, who just like a child, plays, has fun, barks and likes to party! It is in his nature, pure energy! He is not afraid of anything; screaming at him is worth nothing. Sometimes it is scary when he runs off into the clearing. Then you call him, and there he is reappearing! When SUN makes his rounds, no fox can be found.
So white and so cute, everyone loves this little puppy. Though he can be a serious guard dog when he needs to be. The green Pajottenland is his territory, all around SUN, in white ivory. Other dogs and pheasants, cows, donkeys and horses are SUN’s great friends in his strolls through the meadow lands. The deep red sunsets are his rewards.
Tricks and cuddles he awards. It’s true, SUN is always ready for a party or two! A pleasure to follow him, in his mischief, without punishing him. Just admiring what nature does, through a puppy that gives you everything, and a lot of love!

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Il Soffio Del Vento

The Breath of the Wind

15 international awards

This book is a hymn to Love: the intense Love that awakens life. The Love that IS life, without which there would be no existence, in any creature. In particular, the love described by the poet Silvia Polidori envelops everything and allows man to immerse himself in it.
Indeed, the love that a human being can experience can involve them in all its beauty, and the love extolled in the verses of this collection of poems can even unsettle them to bring forth a new source of life.
The poetic verses of this trilingual book, accompanied by photos from the author, send out a call for Love to remind us that it does exist, however, and that we must always try to make it live, through the responsibility of those who want it.

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Motivation of the Jury of the International Literary and Artistic Award ‘Giglio blu di Firenze, IV edition 2022 - Italia Poesia chiama...Literary Correspondences from the World’ - Award for the unpublished book 'The Breath of the Wind’

"It is poetry of positivity, of beauty, of love, this one by Silvia Polidori that, by oxymoron, is against the tide, therefore worthy of being mentioned. This is why the Jury awards the Premio Italia Poesia Chiama...Literary Correspondences from the World 2022."
Jury: President Lia Bronzi; Members Laura Becattini, Duccio Corsini, Andrea Pericoli, Enrico Taddei.

Motivation of the Jury of the 'Coffee of the Arts' Literary Award, 9th edition - Honourable Mention for the unpublished book 'The Breath of the Wind’

“The poetry collection ‘The Breath of the Wind’, accompanied by evocative dedicated photographs can be defined as an hymn to Love. Even the cover page bears the dedication ‘To the Love that Is, and that can also exist’. For this intrinsic value, it deserves an Honourable Mention, with this motivation. The entire work can be divided into two groups of poems, of which the first, after the introduction of the breath of the wind that envelops the woman and transports her to places that, with their simple and natural beauty (a meadow, a wheat field, the sea ...), enhance the physical enjoyment of love, contains verses of great spontaneity, which calls to mind the biblical Song of Songs. In this first part, the variety of images with which the author, managing to maintain the continuity of subject matter proper to the poetry collection, has been able to express, at the same time, the physical and spiritual essence of the moment of love, with great measure and evidence of the effects of pleasure, is particularly valuable. The second group of poems begins with The Loss, and seems to be a typical lyric of amorous turmoil, although it is preceded and followed by the confession of having given one’s life, soul, and heart to one’s partner. But the fear of loss melts away in Serenity, which follows, in Sogni (Dreams), by the dream of the beloved perfuming the sky to make a rain shower of him fall on her, ending then, with the lyrics Un bacio (A Kiss), Amare (To Love) and Senso di realtà (Sense of Reality), in a vision of Love, the one written with a capital L, as immensity and identification, such that one recognises oneself in the other, with an illusion of eternity.”
Gennaro Iannarone, writer and literary critic, member of the Award jury

Motivation of the Jury of the International Prize of Poetry Literature Art ‘Listening to the silences of the sea’, 5th edition 2022 - 2nd place for the unpublished poetry collection ‘The Breath of the Wind’

“According to the poetess Silvia Polidori, love, when physical and sensual, spiritual and also platonic, exists in its completeness. The poet, with long and narrative verses, expresses this positive idea of love that must be cultivated as a fragile little plant, as an element present in our lives. A moral and ethical concept that invites us to live life with less pessimism.”
Lia Bronzi, literary and art critic, poet, President of the ‘Camerata dei Poeti in Florence’, President of the jury

Sulla cresta dell'onda - Sur la crête de la vague - On the crest of the wave

On the Crest of the Wave

7 international awards

This collection of poems provokes the reader’s emotions and stimulates him or her to pay attention to the beauty of his or her inner universe, by observing and feeling the external universe, of nature and positive feelings.
It leads the reader on a path of individual perception, in which the images touch the senses and awaken them to a new, better world view. Words are like impulses that touch the soul and make it dance, rediscovering its unique music.
The poems of this compendium should be read by perceiving the stimuli of all the senses, starting from the material and reaching the spirit, which is a precious gift in each of us.

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Motivation of the Jury of the International Literary Prize ‘Verses of Peace’, 4th edition 2021- second place for the edited book 'On the Crest of the Wave'

“It is impossible to remain indifferent when reading the poems, interspersed with beautiful photos, of Silvia Polidori, an author with a great capacity for expression who seeks to reach the heart of everyone with dry, slender, musical verses, without abstruseness. She combines in verse the beauty of life, of nature, of the sea, the simplicity of feelings of love, happiness and dreams... The dancing verses are dressed with pleasant sensations, they transmit emotions, they enchant, they involve, they take us to an idyllic world, far from chaos and haste, they caress our soul, they give peace. A collection of poems that deserves to be read.”
Prof. Nadia Pascucci, members of the jury: Dr. Angelo Maria De Marco, Prof. Bianca Fasano, Dr. Franco Leone, Prof. Nada Pascucci, Dr. Antonella Tamiano, Dr. Anna Turotti. President of the jury: Prof. Domenico Venuti.


Publications of my poems and reviews of my books in the following anthologies and international literary, art and information magazines:

  • Reflets Wallonie-Bruxelles, magazine published by the Royal Association of Writers and Artists of Wallonia and Brussels (A.R.E.A.W.) - Belgium
  • « Les Muses Vagabondes » - L’Éventail des Auteurs, magazine published by Anne Wuidar - Belgium
  • Art et Poésie, international magazine of French culture, published by the Society of Poets and Artists of France - France
  • FORMAFLUENS INTERNATIONAL LITERARY MAGAZINE. Director: Tiziana Colusso, in cooperation with the Unitary Federation of Italian Writers - Italy, President: Natale Antonio Rossi - Italy
  • CBeCKe International literary magazine from Serbia. Poems translated in Serbian language by Svetlana Spaic - Serbia
  • PACEM IN TERRIS for the Universal Peace, anthology published by the Unitary Federation of Italian Writers - Italy
  • International Literary Award IL CLUB DEI POETI, anthology of the XXVI Edition - Italy
  • International Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Photography Prize Vitruvio, anthology of the XVII Edition - Italy
  • International Poetry Prize "I Versi non scritti...", anthology of the VI Edition - Italy
  • International Poetry Prize San Gerardo Majella, anthology of the XIV Edition - City of Muro Lucano - Italy
  • “Orazio" International Poetry Prize, anthology “La libertà” of the X Edition - Italy
  • NEWS HOUND – internal information magazine of the European Parliament
  • Il Botteghino – Monthly magazine of Italian and French cultural information edited by “L’Italie en scene”
  • Credito cooperativo di Roma Magazine - Italy


Il Soffio Del Vento

Silvia Polidori was born in L'Aquila (Italy), is a lawyer and works for the European Parliament. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. She lives on the Belgian North Sea coast, where she rides horses by the sea. Silvia cultivates a healthy life-style. Among her various interests are gastronomy and oenology, philosophy and dance. She prefers multiculturalism, in which she finds inspiration and values.

She is a member of the Italian Writers’ Federation (FUIS), of the Society of Poets and Artists of France, of the Academy ‘Arts-Sciences-Literature’ (France), of the Royal Association of Writers and Artists of Wallonia and Brussels (Belgium) and of the Association of Belgian French speaking Writers (Belgium).

Her poetry collections On the Crest of the Wave (2021 and 2022 editions) and The Breath of the Wind (2023) are in three languages (Italian, English and French), with translations by the author herself. They are accompanied by photos taken by her during her world travels.

For these books, the author has received awards in various international literary prizes, including the 'Michelangelo Buonarroti', 'Blue Lily of Florence', 'Penne Festival of the Arts', 'Verses of Peace', 'Prince Boncompagni Ludovisi', 'Island of Elba', 'Vitruvio', 'City of Galateo', 'Café of the Arts', 'Maria Cumani Quasimodo', City of Montevarchi', 'Multiple Visions of Love-Cortona City of the World', the 'Castellammare di Stabia World Prize', 'The Nine Muses Intercontinental Literary Art Prize’, 'Astrolabio - I am born to love', 'The Dafne Chant', the 'Italian Poetry Championship', 'Switzerland Literary Prize', Great Jury Prize of the 'International Literary Competition of the Society of Poets and Artists of France 2023'.

Her poems have been published in various international art and poetry magazines.

The author has presented her works at numerous events in Italy and abroad, including the Turin Book Fair, the Naples Book Fair, the Brussels Book Fair, the Tournai Book Fair and the Peru Book Fair.

There have been numerous readings of her poems in pleasant natural locations (at sunset on the beach of the North Sea in Knokke-Heist (Belgium), on the Gulf of Sorrento (Italy) Etc.), in bookshops and theatres, accompanied by live music and translation of the texts also into Dutch.

Her books have been acquired by the Library of the European Parliament.

The author loves the combination with other arts, such as music, painting, sculpture and even gastronomy (her 'Crest of the Wave' was reproduced in a chocolate sculpture and in pralines with the taste and shape of sea waves, by the Belgium's youngest Chocolate Master!).

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